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Dùthchail na h-Alba Comann Oileanach


Timetables on Track! 🚂

 You may remember one of our bigger successes from this year was that the SRUC Academic Board agreed that students should receive their timetables in a timely manner and would take steps to introduce a timetable release date. We wanted to give you an update since our last blog.

SRUC staff across the departments have been working hard to make timetables available to students from the 5th of August 2022 (the agreed date for release of timetables this year). All cohort  timetables will be available on the SRUC website. These will be sorted by campus, subject and level.
Once students have enrolled, they will be able to access personal timetables, but cohort timetables will be available as a guide until then. We will be sure to keep you updated!

A newspaper-style graphic text image which reads: "Timetables available from 5 August 2022. SRUC students will be able to access a cohort timetable from the 5th of August 2022, via the SRUC website!  Individual timetables will be available after enrolment. Thank you to the students who took part in collating evidence for the original Academic Board paper back in November 2021. Thank you SRUC for listening to the student voice!  Want to read more about SRUCSA's work? Head to" There is an image of an alarm clock on the page.

Having timetables on time will make a big difference to students!

We are delighted that SRUC is taking steps to address a problem we know students have struggled with over the years. This means students can now plan their lives around their timetable and no longer need to worry about last-minute changes to work or caring responsibilities.

Our original proposal to the Academic Board requested release dates for all timetables (all terms – e.g.1/2/3 – and exams). The next step will be for SRUCSA to push for deadlines for these to be introduced and for this to be included in a Timetabling Policy SRUC will be working on soon. The group working on this project will have SRUCSA representation on it – the student voice will be heard!

Thank you again to all student who inputted  on the original paper, and SRUC for listening and actioning the student voice!

Amy McLuckie

Central Co-President 20-22