SRUC Students' Association

Dùthchail na h-Alba Comann Oileanach


Student Partnership Agreement

We are pleased to present the Student Partnership Agreement (SPA), signed by Janet Swadling (Acting CEO) of SRUC and Briony Dall (President) of SRUCSA.

Though not the first SPA in Scotland it is the first by an institution that provides both FE and HE education from SCQF level 4 to 11.

The work to create the SPA has been jointly carried out by staff and students from all six SRUC campuses along with support and guidance from Student Participation in Quality Scotland (sparqs).

What is the SPA?

It is an agreement between the College and SRUCSA (on behalf of all SRUC Students) that outlines the ways in which both work together in partnership to improve the experience of students.

The SPA identifies the nature of the relationship between students and the College, and provides practical ways in which to develop the relationship even further.

The SPA has two parts:

Part A: Mapping Engagement Opportunities

There is a range of ways that students can engage with the College and their Students’ Association in order to make their opinion known, comment on aspects of their experience or highlight issues. All of these are mapped out in Part A of the Agreement.

Students and Staff from all campuses were brought together in focus groups facilitated by sparqs in May 2014.  The outputs from these sessions were used to compile Part A.

Part A is also presented as a mind-map which highlights the range of engagement opportunities and the various ways these interact.

Janet Swadling and Briony Dall Signing The Student Partnership Agreement

Section B: Partnership Working

From the mechanisms identified in Part A representatives from SRUC and SRUCSA have prioritised key areas that each have agreed to collectively work on over the next academic year.

This Section B will be reviewed each year and new areas of development will be identified for focus, ensuring that development is on going and adapted to the changing needs of the College and its students.

In this first year of the agreement, the three areas of joint working are: Communication, Careers and Learning/Student Community.

The ability of students to work with their institution, individually and collectively, to improve their experience is important to the aims of both SRUC and SRUCSA. The Student Partnership Agreement will guide engagement and this relationship and act as a tool to help the College and the Students’ Association to reflect on the effectiveness of the way they interact and how improvements may be progressed.

Students and staff at one of the engagement mapping workshops