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SRUC Students' Association

Dùthchail na h-Alba Comann Oileanach


Frequently Asked Questions


How can I contact SRUCSA/my Co-President?  

You can contact SRUCSA at Co-President contact details can be found here on Moodle.

Clubs and Societies

How do I join a club/society? 

You join a club or society by getting in touch with the chair and arranging membership – some societies my charge a small fee for membership or per event, others are free. 

Is there an equestrian/music/Scottish fiddle music/rifle/arts/orchestra/bands/dance club or society?  

There is a list of clubs on this website and any other clubs and societies that are missing can exist if you want them to! Get in touch with us to find out how we can help. 

I am a SRUC student and I live in Edinburgh; can I join the Edinburgh uni clubs? 

SRUC students can join some clubs and societies at the University of Edinburgh. We recommend students get in touch with the individual club or society to find out if they accept external students. Sometimes an Edinburgh Uni Gym membership is required for some sports clubs (which SRUC provides for SRUC Edinburgh students). There may be restrictions in competing due to league rules. 

How do I start a club or society? 

All you need to start a club or society is 3 students who are willing to take on the roles of treasurer, chair and secretary (don’t worry, this just means someone who takes care of the society finances, someone who acts as the lead and someone who focuses on the admin side). From there, you can fill in a SRUCSA affiliation form, and we can help you promote the club/society. 

Does SRUCSA help fund societies? 

Affiliated clubs and societies can get submit a funding request to SRUCSA – this can be for things like training, equipment etc. The request goes to the Student Panel to be approved. 

Are there any sports clubs? Will they run this year?  

We have certainly had sports clubs in the past. It’s a little trickier at the moment as our student activities are still recovering from COVID restrictions, but you can get in touch with us to find out how to set up a sports club.

Class Representatives

What is a class rep? 

A class rep (or representative) is exactly that – a student who represents the views and opinions of your class. 

What is the main role of a class rep? 

The main role of a class rep is to be a voice for you and your fellow students. It's about making sure your and their voice is heard, by gathering feedback, attending the relevant meetings, and sometimes liaising with staff members to get a resolution to an issue that students are experiencing. 

How many people per class can be class rep?

There are usually 2 class reps per class. We recommend one rep for each 15-20 students. Both class reps are welcome to attend all the meetings that class reps are invited to, however, the workload can be spread between two if it is easier (i.e. you can take turns attending meetings if that suits both class reps). 

How do you apply to be a class rep? 

Within the first three weeks of classes your Year Tutor should facilitate a fair election. They may ask you to write a small description of why you want to be a class rep. They will provide a method for you class to anonymously vote for who they would like to be their representative. If you are not chosen to be the class rep, we would still like you to be involved with activities at SRUCSA. 

If we don’t know any of our classmates, how do we know who to vote for? 

Your year tutor should give you enough time to get an impression of your classmates. Your Year Tutor may ask the nominees to write a description of why they want to be a class rep.  

Can you be a class rep for more than 1 year? 

You can be a Class Rep every year that you are studyingEach academic year your Year Tutor should facilitate a fair election you can put yourself forward every year, it will be up to you class to choose who they would like as their representative. 

Would a class rep role be feasible as a part time student? 

We want to have representation of as many types of students within our class reps so we would love to have lots of Part-time studying students. The commitment is for around ten meetings a year and some time talk to your class each month to understand their experiences. If you want to do the role but this is going to be difficult for you to fit in, let us know and we can see how we can help. 

Is it a lot of extra work? 

Being a class rep is all about hearing what your classmates are saying, and taking that feedback to meetings or the relevant staff member. Oftentwo class reps are elected, and you can spread the workload between you. It is worth looking at your own commitments and responsibilities to make sure being a class rep is suitable for you. 

Is training provided? 

Yes, training is arranged my SRUCSA and delivered by Student Partnerships in Quality Scotland (sparqs). This year there will be an online module for you to complete in your own time and an online live training session. 

Will training and/or class rep meetings clash with lectures? 

Sometimes this does happen. It is important that you let your lecturer know that the session and class clash, and for you both to decide what is the appropriate thing to do. You can always email feedback in, whether that’s for an SLC, SLG or Student Panel – we still want to hear your voice! 


Liberation Officers

 What is the role of a liberation officer? What are their duties? What do the liberation officers do day to day?  

A liberation officer is  a volunteer ole and we will scale the role to whatever commitment you can commit to.  We will need your feedback into the way that we run SRUCSA through your attendance and input into our monthly meetings. We would also hope that you will want to undertake projects to reach out and understand the study experiences of people in your liberation group. We will support you in coming up with ideas on how to do this and in delivering whatever projects you envision.   

Is it a lot of extra work? 

The workload is your own. There are no specific hours. You set your own tasks and hours according to what is important to you and the community you represent

Events and Meeting Other Students

Will you host events throughout the year to allow us to meet people? 

Yes! It’s important that we know what kind of events you’d like to have – if you have any ideas or would like to be involved in getting an event started, contact us at 

How can I help with organising events or suggesting ideas? 

Contact or get in touch with your Co-President to speak to us about events and ideas. We’d love to hear them! 

Learning and Timetables

Where do I find my timetable? 

Your timetable is available on the MySRUC app or through your year tutor 

Where can I find course-specific links? 

Each of your courses should be available on Moodle – if any are missing, contact your Year Tutor or the lecturer who runs the module. 

Will all of my online lectures be recorded? 

Yes, your online lectures should be recorded. If you are not comfortable with this speak to your lecturer. 

Are my timetabled classes online or practical? It doesn’t clarify. 

Contact the lecturer responsible for the module for clarification if your timetable doesn’t state either way. 

What platforms will lectures be held on? How do I access these? 

Lectures will mostly be held Kaltura. You will get guidance on this from your lecturer, and you will be able to join the class through the Moodle course page.

I need a laptop, how do I loan one from SRUC? 

If you need laptop for your studies, get in touch with your local Faculty Office.

How do I sign documents without a printer? 

There are lots of solutions to this, and you should discuss what is appropriate with the person asking you to sign.