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SRUC Students' Association

Dùthchail na h-Alba Comann Oileanach



It is important as ever to make our student voices heard

The election period is now over, successfully electing three Academic Board members and one LGBT+ Officer.
Welcome to the team Natalia, Ashley, Fiona and Michael


Your Candidates

For LGBT+ Liberation Officer

Natalia Macikowska

Academic Board position elections

We received three nomination or the four available positions, as in line with our regulations when the number of nominations is less than, or equal to, the available positions they are considered elected. We now have three students who will be joining the SRUC Academic Board.

  • Ashley Ward in the position for Post Graduate students
  • Fiona Fawcett in the position for Higher Education students
  • Michael McLaughlin in the position for Further Education students

SRUC Academic Board Member roles

There are four open positions on SRUCs Academic Board.

One position for Further Education (FE) students. This is any SRUC student on an Intro, NC, HNC Certificate, SVQ or Modern Apprenticeship Course.

One position for Higher Education (HE) student. This is any SRUC student on an HND or Degree Course.

One position for Post Graduate Students (PG) students. This is any student on a PGT, PGR or Doctorate.

What is a Academic Board Student Member?

The inclusion of student representatives on SRUC Boards, Boards, and Groups helps to ensure the student voice is heard throughout the organisation. The presence of elected students and Class Reps alongside SRUCSA Officers provides a variety of student voices, experiences, and expertise.

You will be asked to attend meetings throughout the year either in person or by video conference. You will be issued meeting papers in anticipation of each meeting, which you will need to read and understand. At each meeting you will be able to freely contribute to the decision-making of the board and the chair of the board will ensure you have a chance to express your opinions.

The Chair and Secretary of the Academic Board and the SRUCSA team will support you in understand thing items being discussed and enabling you to contribute fully and freely.

SRUCSA Liberation Officer roles

There are three open positions for SRUCSA Liberation Officers

  • Black Students Officer
  • LGBT+ Students Officer
  • Women Students Officer

What is a Liberation Officer?

Liberation Officers are volunteer positions their job is to communicate with students with similar backgrounds to themselves and find out what different issues they face and how SRUCSA and SRUC can resolve them. They will be part of the SRUCSA Executive providing a vital voice to help SRUCSA be helpful to all of its members.

Liberation Officers play a vital role in the SRUCSA Executive Committee and the SRUC student community. They are the lead student for their liberation community and represent the views of those students. They are required to engage and communicate with their peers and ensure their voice is heard in SRUCSA and SRUC. They are to take actions on these views and provide feedback to their liberation community. As well as representation, they are required to support SRUCSA events, campaigns, and activities, and to lead on their own aims and objectives.

Our elected Liberation Officer positions are voluntary; however, you will be expected to commit to the role descriptor and duties if elected. Generally, this is to attend meetings and submit reports as and when required, but always remember your studies come first! However, you will be working as part of a team and you have been elected so you are accountable to your liberation community. Therefore, it is up to you to manage your time effectively to ensure you are the best officer you can be

Frequently Asked Questions

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Contact Information

If you have any questions about SRUCSA Elections or their process, or wish to make a complaint, please contact the Elections Team at Alternatively, you can write or request a meeting using the contact information below.  All matters sent in regard to the Student Elections will be handled promptly and confidentially by the Returning Officer and the Deputy Returning Officer.

Deputy Returning Officer                            

James Bamkin

Students' Association Development Officer

SRUC Edinburgh Campus

Kings Building, Edinburgh