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SRUC Students' Association

Dùthchail na h-Alba Comann Oileanach


Speak Week

Banner in Green and blue. A large logo says 'Speak Week' text next to it says 'Your SRUC, Your Voice'. 22nd-26th November
Speak week is your opportunity to make a change.

What is Speak Week?

Speak Week is an opportunity for you, and every SRUC student, to have their voice heard. It is now in its fourth year; your voice truly makes a difference both at college and here at SRUCSA.

We want to hear praise, criticism, and everything in between. Tell about whatever affects your life at SRUC. You can drop a card into one of the boxes on campus between the 22nd and 26th of November, or answer the two simple questions online. You can get to the form quickly by scanning the QR code on any of our posters.

See the 2022 Speak Week Results

When is Speak Week

Speak Speak Week is the the 22nd and 26th of November 2021. You will see the cards and boxes appear on your campus before this and after. We will always accept feedback, so feel free to keep giving us your responses.

Speak Week stand on campus, there is a small table with a pile of cards on and a box to put them in, beside that is a large sign saying 'speak week'
Speak Week stand on campus

What’s the point?

The point of Speak Week is to make changes at SRUC, that improve your life at SRUC. After we have gathered all the feedback, we read every comment, and group them by themes. This allows us to find the most pressing issues. Using all the comments we receive, we create a list of recommended changes that we want to see happen.

We write these into a short report, which we take to SRUC senior management. Then we ask SRUC to respond to the report with actions that they will take. Not only that, but we will also respond to the report with the actions SRUCSA will take. We will ensure these actions happen. Through our work representing you at meetings, and in the projects we do.

Speak Week Timeline

15th to 21st Nov – Cards and boxes will appear on your campus
22nd to 26th Nov – Complete the Survey online or on campus, or both
29th to 4th Nov- Collecting Cards and compiling data
17th Dec – Complete data analysis
24th Jan – Publish early results to students
26th Feb – Receive report back from SRUC with responses
27th Feb – Publish SRUC responses