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SRUC Students' Association

Dùthchail na h-Alba Comann Oileanach


The Future of SRUC Student’s Association

SRUCSA exists to lead SRUC students in creating a better future, but what that future looks like is not always clear. We decided it was time to undertake an extended exercise to understand what the future would look like when SRUCSA has achieved its goal of creating ‘a community and culture of confident and successful students who are proud to be part of SRUC.

The Process

We started the process early last academic year by conducting interviews with staff across SRUC. Asking them about what their ideal experience for a student would be during their time studying with SRUC. Following this, we had workshops with students and the student’s association officers to understand what they thought students got out of college both inside the classroom and the wider experience, and we asked them to rate important they were to them.

We took the information from these and gathered them in to themes, bringing together ideas with similar outcomes. Using these themed groups, we created phrases that described the activities and qualities of a world where the things SRUC students and staff thought was important were already created. We then circulated these phrases amongst the wider student and staff populations and asked them three questions; what is exciting about the statements, where would you like to be in the statements and who is missing from the statements.

Finally, taking the statements to the SRUCSA Annual general meeting where we asked for the students to ‘react’ to the statements with icons to identify what they thought were the most important, and where the wording was not clear. Using this feedback, We improved the wording of the statements, clearing up confusion and setting clearer goals.

SRUCSA Vision for the future

Before students join SRUC, they know about SRUCSA. SRUCSA is seen as a student-owned, student-run success, that gets stuff done.

SRUCSA provides students from different courses and different campuses multiple opportunities to meet and talk regularly outside of study.

Our education officers and class reps are knowledgeable about education and learning beyond their own experiences.

SRUCSA is skilled in challenging SRUC, it always asks SRUC to do better, and shows them how.

When something goes wrong, students are confident that SRUCSA will make sure it is fixed.

SRUCSA Officers see big changes during their year in office and go on to influence in their chosen fields.

Students lead exciting events that happen on campus and off, in real life and online. Students know they will be welcomed if they join in.

Students create and run communities that thrive and provide a wide range of activities.

Students volunteer their time to contribute to these projects together, some of them lead them and create visible changes on campus for themselves.

SRUCSA Officer positions are pursued by our students. We have lots of students running for the positions and elections are a big event.

Students who are involved in SRUCSA continue to contribute to SRUC after they have graduated.

SRUCSA is a fun and exciting place to work and volunteer that allows you to explore and create and take on responsibility in a way that is safe and comfortable.

SRUCSA leads projects that align with our students’ ideals, students join projects because they care about the outcomes.

So how do we make this happen?

Our next step is to create a strategic plan that will get us moving towards this future. We will take further advice and input from SRUC students to keep focus on improving their time with SRUC. If you are studying at SRUC, get in touch with us if you would like to take an active role in helping us create this.