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Dùthchail na h-Alba Comann Oileanach


SRUCSA Statement regarding the announcement of the planned withdraw by SRUC from its Ayr Campus

(This post was originally sent out as an email to students, it had been uploaded here for recording)

SRUC announced in September that it will be conducting a phased withdrawal from the Ayr Riverside Campus over the next four years.

SRUCSA understand the potential impact that this news may have had and wanted to allow students time to come to terms with what this might mean for them, so we could plan how best to support them. Since the announcement was made, a small number of students have approached us directly with issues relating to the phased withdrawal. Most were looking for reassurance that they would be able to continue their current courses to completion and that the quality of their education would not suffer.

To provide assurance of this and to answer queries directly, SRUCSA arranged a meeting between students and SRUC Senior Management shortly after the announcement. This was followed by a meeting between the students and Principal Wayne Powell in December. SRUCSA has also been in communication with Nick Sparks, the Dean of the South and West Faculty, who has offered to meet with students regularly and also on a one-to-one basis. It is hoped these meetings will provide an opportunity for students to address any individual issues or concerns which may arise, particularly for students who may have to repeat a year or defer study.

While we welcome SRUC’s commitment to ensure all current students will be able to complete their courses at Ayr campus without any deterioration in the quality of their education, SRUCSA remain committed to supporting and representing students throughout the phased withdrawal process. We will continue to monitor the situation and communicate directly with students, to ensure that no student suffers negatively in respect to the standard or provision of the education they receive.

Students are welcome and encouraged to contact SRUCSA directly at any time throughout their course of study, to raise any queries or concerns they may have in regard to the phased withdrawal.

SRUCSA Executive Committee, January 2019.

A personal note to students from the Ayr Campus Officer

On the 20th of September, SRUC announced that the Riverside Ayr Campus would be closing in four years time through a phased withdrawal. SRUC also confirmed that all students would be able to complete the courses they were enrolled on at Riverside. As the college has had a presence in Ayr for over 92 years, previously at Auchincruive prior to its relocation to Riverside, it holds special sentimental value to many students, locals, and Alumni. This was sad new to hear as SRUC Ayr Campus is a great place to study and learn, with incredible staff.

However, changes were required for the sustainability of SRUC within the South West region; this includes major new investment into the SRUC Barony Campus, located in Dumfries and Galloway, where SRUC plans to bring research, consultancy and education closer together.

SRUCSA has made it a priority to support students through this difficult time and has organised regular meetings with senior staff including Principal Wayne Powell, so students have the opportunity to meet and discuss how this will affect their time studying at the Ayr Campus. SRUC has assured students that they will continue to receive a high standard of education, over the duration of the withdrawal, and the Students’ Association will continue to monitor the situation and gather regular feedback from students.

As Ayr campus officer for 2018/19, I make it my duty to support the best interests of the students and am available both in person on campus or via email, along with the rest of the SRUCSA team.

Charlotte Mortimer Ayr Campus Officer, January 2019.

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