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Dùthchail na h-Alba Comann Oileanach


2021 SRUCSA Awards follow up

We announced the winners of our annual student run SRUCSA Awards in May, and all the winners and nominees have received their certificates. We wanted to follow up with a longer report on who received nominations and how we intend to improve the Awards when we run them again in 2022. The 2021 SRUCSA Awards were open Friday 19th March to Tuesday 6th April via an online survey. Students were invited to take part by email, and we promoted them on social media and the MySRUC student portal app.  

The awards categories were as follows: 

  • Staff Member of the Year x 6 (one per campus) 
  • Student of the Year x6 (one per campus) 
  • Sports Club/Society of the Year x1 (SRUC wide) 
  • Online Teaching Excellence x1 (SRUC wide, new for 2021) 

A total of 48 students took part in the awards by nominating staff members and/or fellow students. 

In order to make the judging fair winners were chosen by a panel of judges consisting of two non-teaching staff members and one student from each faculty, overseen by a SRUCSA co-president. Judges were provided with an “Awards Pack” containing nominee names, the number of nominations they received, whether they had been nominated for more than one award, and supporting comments from students for each category. Taking this into consideration, judges were asked to “rank” the nominees in their order of preference.

Thank you very much to Lisa, Julie, Keith, Alison and Erin for taking on the very difficult task of narrowing down the nominees to winners.

All nominees and award winners were sent their certificates and the supporting statements students gave on the nomination forms. To minimize printing we sent the certificates digitally and offered to have a printed version delivered if it was asked for.


Below are the results for each award category. Staff members with * marked next to their name were also nominated for the Online Teaching Excellence award. Winners are highlighted in blue. Name order is random and not indicative of any ranking.

Staff Member of the Year 

  • Edinburgh 12 (10 staff members) 
  • Ayr 6 (5 staff members) 
  • Aberdeen 8 (7 Staff Members) 
  • Oatridge 2 (2 staff members) 
  • Barony 6 (5 staff members) 
  • Elmwood 6 (9 staff members, 2 joint nominations) 
Simon Garnett *(WINNER)2
Matt Jessop2
Tom McEvoy*1
Carol Thompson*1
Jenny Thomson1
David Nasseri1
Ruth Vichos*1
James Bamkin1
Chrissi Harris1
Greg Kenicer1
All Staff Member of the Year Edinburgh nominations
Tim Bromilow (WINNER)2
Heather Kerr1
Cath Seeds*1
Joy Kendall2
Duncan Robertson1
All Staff Member of the Year Ayr nominations
Janet Litten (WINNER)2
Bridgit Edmonstone1
Karyn Grassick*1
Gordon Gray1
Kirsteen Gammie1
Nicky Penford1
Angie Emslie1
All Staff Member of the Year Aberdeen nominations
Ann Burns (WINNER)1
Janet Hiddleston1
All Staff Member of the Year Oatridge nominations
Donald Brown (WINNER)1
Suzanne Kelly *1
Claire Hodgkins *1
Paul Fotheringham2
Nicola Porter1
All Staff Member of the Year Barony nominations
Nikki McIntosh,
Nicola Eyre,
Kirsty Brown (JOINT WINNERS)
Rosalind Graham1
Pauline Dow1
Rita Dick, Claire Knox (joint)1
Paul Miller *1
Andrew O’Hara *1
All Staff Member of the Year Elmwood nominations

Student of the Year 

  • Edinburgh 8 (8 students) 
  • Ayr 8 (6 students) 
  • Aberdeen 4 (4 students) 
  • Oatridge 0 
  • Barony 6 (5 staff members) 
  • Elmwood 1 (1 student) 
  • Distance Learning 1 (1 student)
Hayley Colbert (JOINT WINNER)1
InĂ©s Isern-del-barrio (JOINT WINNER)1
Beth Llewellyn 1
Caitlin MacLeod1
Ane Josefin Randa1
Rebecca Sørensen1
Marc Gilbert1
Alana Docherty1
Student of the Year Edinburgh
Leanne Steele (WINNER)2
Robert Pinkerton1
Lia Connell1
Charlotte Mortimer1
Robert Tedford1
Deborah Dawkins2
Student of the Year Ayr
Amy Stewart (WINNER)1
Keira Livingstone1
Catriona Dickson1
Johnny Taylor 1
Kirsteen Gammie1
Nicky Penford1
Angie Emslie1
Student of the Year Aberdeen
Molly McClure (WINNER)1
Emma McNab1
Shona McLintock1
Student of the Year Ayr Barony
Tizayi Sithole (WINNER)1
Student of the Year Ayr Elmwood

Distance LearningNomination
Ruby Howard (WINNER)1
Student of the Year Distance Learners

Online Teaching Excellence 

Total number of nominations: 37 (33 staff members) 

Staff MemberNominations
Carol Thompson (WINNER)3
Ian Bingham 1
Amy Duncan1
John Frater1
Claire Hodgkins*1
Jos Houdijk1
Claire Donaldson1
Tim Bromilow *1
Stephen Kings1
Rachael Stark2
Karyn Grassick *1
Cath Seeds *2
Simon Garnett *1
Sarah Hall1
Caroline Whitfield1
Brenda Nicol1
Marc Harper, Heather Munro, Philip Watkin (joint)
All staff nominated for an Online Teaching Excellence award
Staff MemberNominations
Tom McEvoy *1
Pamela Weightmann1
Emma Hudson1
Alistair Gibson1
Janet Litten1
Suzanne Kelly *1
Brian Connelly1
Amy Gray1
David Nasseri *1
Grant Skillen1
William Mackay1
Dave Roberts1
Wallace Currie1
Ruth Vichos *1
Paul Miller *1
Andrew O’Hara`
All staff nominated for an Online Teaching Excellence award

Club/Society of the Year 

Total number of nominations: 3 

Green Feet Environmental Society (WINNER)Angus MacLean1
Ayr Agricultural SocietyCharlotte Mortimer1
Society of Animal ScienceN/A1

Ways to improve for future 

SRUCSA are always looking to improve our ways of working and projects. Below are some suggestions we received from staff and students, and our own reflections on how to run the SRUCSA awards even better for 2022. 

Feedback from staff and students 

Below are some suggestions we received from staff and students during and after the awards: 

  • It was suggested that some staff members were uncomfortable being nominated for an award when it felt that their work as a close team was not being recognised – i.e. the great work they do is also down to the great colleagues they work with, not solely themselves. It was suggested to have the option to include “team awards”. 
  • Proportionate representation – it was suggested whether this could be considered. For example, larger campuses/cohorts may received more nominations.  For example â€ś Some classes only have 4 students, whereby if 1 person nominates that would account for 25% of the class. Whereas a larger cohort of say 100, where a nominee receives 20 suggestions put forward only accounts for 20% of the class.” 
  • Send Programme Lead a copy of their staff members awards so they can recognise the good work their team has achieved. 
  • Produce a copy of past data and provide nominees/winners with the number of nominations, who the other nominees were. 
  • Achieve some way of nominees thanking the person who nominated them. 

SRUCSA Reflections 

When organising the next SRUCSA Awards (2022), we will consider the above points from staff and students. We also have our own reflections on what we can do to improve for the future. 

Overall planning 

  • The SRUCSA Awards requires more than 1 individual to execute the project and its associated tasks. 
  • Using a project plan was very helpful. Would recommend reusing with appropriate edits (new dates, any other tasks we might need). 
  • Need to find out how the SRUCSA awards fits in with Campus prize-givings/graduation (2020/2021 were not normal years as all off-campus). 

Survey platform/judging  

  • Adapt the Nominee survey monkey to campus drop downs rather than type-in (easier to manage results – just make sure to add all options like botanics etc). 
  • SurveyMonkey “ranking” was a good way of getting panel members to vote. 
  • Maybe in future we only ask students on panel. We asked 2 staff members who were as “campus neutral” as possible – which can be difficult to find! 

Awarding nominees

  • Divide populating the certificates between multiple team members
  • This year we shared the comments from students for this first time. This was worth the time it took to input (again, this is a 2 person-job, divide it up by award category).
  • Ask nominees to complete a Microsoft form with their addresses – it was difficult to keep track of via email, also meant trolling through to delete all addresses (GDPR).
  • If nominees have a particularly lovely response to their nomination, ask if we can keep this to share for social media promotion for future.
  • Posting – good idea to make optional (saves paper). This year, only those that opted for printed version received a printed one.
  • Postage – all certificates printed and posted to 1 location, popped into A4 hard-back envelopes, large first-class stamp, taken to post office – this worked well.
  • This year we included small “congratulations” cards in the envelopes – this was a nice idea.

After the awards

  • Find a way for staff/students to thank the person that nominated them.
  • Find a way for staff to share their award (social media template).
  • Think of a way to promote – lanyards for winners? Coaster? Microsoft Teams background/e-mail signature?
  • Think of a way to make more secure – host on Moodle, so only students can nominate? May impact participation – social media links would go straight to the Moodle page as opposed to the survey. Multi-factor authentication may be an additional cumbersome step if this is adopted.

Thank you

Thank you to all those who have taken part in the 2021 SRUCSA awards- students who completed the survey, nominees, judges, winners, the SRUCSA team and all those that gave us some great feedback!