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Dùthchail na h-Alba Comann Oileanach


Scotland’s Magnificent Countryside

Accessing the Countryside

Due to the pandemic, many people have begun to appreciate the outdoors and the benefits of exploring the natural world. Students at SRUC have taken up a number of outdoor activities over the past year such as nature photography, forest bathing, horticulture, hill-walking and lots more! It is very beneficial to be active for your physical and mental health. Whilst undertaking these countryside activities, it is important to display appropriate and responsible behaviour.

Accessing the countryside could not be simpler, whether it is visiting a country park or going for a long walk from your home. Fortunately in Scotland, you can visit most land as long as you behave responsibly. When you are out and about enjoying the countryside, you must adhere to the Scottish Outdoor Access Code, which can be found at

Promoting Responsible Tourism

In order to enjoy the countryside responsibly, it is important for everyone to take the necessary steps to ensure we display appropriate behaviour. The list below outlines the adverse effects of irresponsible behaviour’s in the countryside:

  • Parking in unauthorized areas can lead to blocking farmers gates and causing access issues
  • Littering can pollute the soil and be a significant hazard for wildlife and their habitats
  • Irresponsible behaviors can cause safety issues for other tourists and land owners
  • Wildlife habitats are at serious risk

If we all work together, we can enjoy the countryside whilst maintaining surrounding wildlife habitats and contributing to sustainable tourism. I made a video including some of my top tips for responsible behaviour when visiting our magnificent countryside. These can be viewed here: Roz’s Top Tips.