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Dùthchail na h-Alba Comann Oileanach


No More Boring Thursday Nights!

We are working a new project to replace this website with a new one. This website will be more useful for students and will have tools for joining, managing and starting new clubs and societies. We have created this short story to show the vision we have for the experience students will have when using the website when it is completed.

It’s late afternoon on a Thursday, and my mind wanders off from coursework to the weekend; two days of fun, relaxation, and seeing mates. Where the whirl of worries and stress can be put to rest. Maybe I’ll go all out or maybe have a quiet one. But tonight’s Thursday, and the weekend avoids being within reach.

In the past, it’d take me some time to know what to do. It’d be scrolling time: pushing fingers past event pages to find out what’s happening in town. Or on campus I’d be looking through corridors trying to spot society posters, anything to avoid being condemned to another night on the couch watching Gordon Ramsay screaming at a bowl of lasagne he pretends he never cooked.

Luckily, this is a thing of the past. Not only because of taking part in organising society activities, but I’m also only a few wee clicks away from finding out what’s happening in other societies too!

And all that was needed for this change was stumbling upon the SRUCSA website that popped up from nowhere like a mushroom through earth.

Oh, how easy-peasy! What a piece of cake!

And boring tasks are gone with a gust. In the olden days, society secretaries like me would sigh at the sorry sight of lists tallying who joined or left. Now it’s just click-click and the website tells you, click-click, and you’ve messaged the group. Now, organising our society has become a walk in the park. Which is also next week’s event.

The president has been messaging me telling how the website makes things easier for them too as they no longer have to struggle to find more members in class. Now every student at any campus can see exactly what our society is doing and join by a click.

The whole website is for students and run by students. And on a Thursday night, I’m spoiled for choice!

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