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SRUC Students' Association

Dùthchail na h-Alba Comann Oileanach


New Beginnings

2014/15 Student President Briony Dall  and Vice-President Alex Robb

2014/15 Student President Briony Dall and Vice-President Alex Robb

Hi my name is Briony Dall and this is the first of my monthly blogs as Student President.

Once I had been elected I first had to pack in my old job at the sun bed shop and then hard work really began!

I met my Vice Presiden as well as our two support staff David & Graeme. Our first task as a team was to decide on SRUCSA’s strategic operational plan (in short we decided what we want the student association to achieve in a 4 year period) and also decide what our main aims are for 2014-2015 while we were president’s. Luckily we both shared the same ideas – to build on the student associations structure as well as work very hard to improve communication.

We worked at the Royal highland show talking to students about what it is like to be a student at SRUC and we think we even managed to recruit a few!

Alex and I attended an NUS event in Glasgow and met a lot of other people, who like us were presidents or equivalent. There were a lot of characters as there always are at NUS conferences! However Alex and I both successfully made it through two days of work shop training and learned the skills to be a leader and made a good few contacts.

Then it was finally time to meet our Campus Officers. It was great meeting a diverse group of people that all had the same enthusiasm about making change to students. We all got on really well. My favourite part of the three day training? When Alex Brown (Post Grad Officer) fell flat on her face during our first game of rounders… don’t think she will live that one down.

I also got permission to re-vamp the Elmwood Campus’ student union. Out came the paint brushes and a trip to Ikea to make the student union a bit more student friendly!



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