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SRUC Students' Association

Dùthchail na h-Alba Comann Oileanach


Keeping up with SRUCSA December and January

Keeping up with SRUCSA, December/January

We have spent some serious time considering why we exist. Literally, we have been thinking about what makes SRUCSA special, and what it is we are here to do. As part of a project to create a new strategic plan for SRUCSA. We have had three workshops with NUS to help us create a new mission, new vision and new values. We are keeping them under our hat 🎩 for now, but if you ask nicely, we’ll show you a preview.

Another thing we want to celebrate is that all the officers and staff took a good long holiday over the festive break. No one sneaked in to keep an inbox tidy or catch up on a task. It had been a hectic time in December, and everyone felt refreshed coming back to a new 2022. Are you still enjoying that new year feeling?

Project Progress

In January, we’ve been doing a lot of data processing with all the things you told us in our Speak Week. We got some professional help on some sorting, but we’ve done all the interpretation ourselves. We’ll be sharing the report with you on the 4th of February.

Our Winter Warmer project has been moving forward. Many of the 600+ hats that we have to give away have already found new homes. Find your Co-President on campus, or reach out to them on Teams to ask for a free hat. We have also talked to SRUC to make sure that you all are able to wear blankets in class and have access to hot water.

Getting together with you

Get on campus and speaking directly with some of you has been a real joy. Restrictions have kept us away, but as these have been easing, all our co-president have been making efforts to seek you and speak to you face to face.

We’re getting together a team. A group of students who want to minimise the impacts of climate change. SRUC have launched a new Climate Action Plan, and we are looking to get students involved with this as much as possible. If you want to join in, let us know.

We have also been building up to our elections, which we are starting next week. Each year, SRUC students get to pick who they want to be their official voice. And it can be you. We have 3 full time paid positions (you can take a year out of study, or start after you graduate), and 8 volunteer positions that you can fit in between your learning. Find out more on Moodle.

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