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SRUC Students' Association

Dùthchail na h-Alba Comann Oileanach


Campus Councils

What Are They For?

Campus Councils aim to help SRUCSA fulfill its aim of creating a community and culture of confident and successful students who are proud to be part of SRUC.

They are intended to be a focal point on campus to help enhance opportunities for students to further develop their student experience with effective communication, representation, and engagement.

The meetings are open to all students no matter which programme of study or mode of attendance.

In particular, these meetings are useful for Class Reps. If you are a Rep then we encourage you to attend as regularly as possible.

Here is a sample agenda outlining the various parts of a typical Campus Council Meeting


The core function of the Campus Council is to give students a means of communicating with their Students' Association and to hold their elected officers to account.

Your Campus Officer, President, and Vice-President have been elected to represent you and you have a right to comment on their work and make recommendations for future activity.

SRUCSA wants to know what you think of the work it is doing. We want to hear about the aspects of student life that are most important to you and how we can help you to make them better.

Making SRUCSA Work!

In order that it can most effectively carry out its job of representing students and improving their educational experience, SRUCSA seeks to:

  • develop Campus Council meetings  into a useful event that makes a positive contribution to students experiences on campus
  • establish the councils as  important communications hubs for both  the Students and SRUCSA
  • develop and promote student engagement on campus through representative, democratic  and social activities
  • raise the profile of SRUCSA in a positive way.

All of this is underpinned by our core values: Friendliness, Opportunity, Respect, Transparency, Equality.

For more information on upcoming Campus Councils contact you Campus Officer:   [name of campus]

Students in Edinburgh at a Campus Council Meeting